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As a go to destination for gambling industry news, Talk Gambling provides a premium content and advertising platform for operators, suppliers, service providers and affiliates to promote their brand, products and services.

Talk Gambling prides itself on a no-nonsense approach in everything that it does and this includes advertising. We offer two ways of advertising with Talk Gambling, Adverts and Editorials.


Talk Gambling has four ad areas to choose from, all of which are a powerful and effective way to market your products and services. We offer a cost effective way to target your audience, enhance your brand recognition and generate new leads, leading to an increase in customers for your business.

Ad Area 1

Homepage Premium Leaderboard | 1200 x 400

One of our most premium advertising areas, offering maximum impact from the moment someone lands on the homepage. Your brand will dominantly cover around a third of the homepage and will smoothly transition with a parallax effect as the user begins to scroll.

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Ad Area 2

Homepage Premium Sky Scrapers | 200 x 600

The second of our premium advertising areas, our homepage sky scrapers offer a lasting impact. Your brand will be unmissable, positioned in both the left and right sky scraper ad space following the user as they browse the entire length of the page.

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Ad Area 3

Homepage Banners | 728 x 90

Our homepage banners are a clean and effective way to stand out on our home page. We offer various banner positions starting from immediately after our ‘featured’ section at the top of the page, down to the ‘more news’ section.

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Ad Area 4

All Posts & Category Pages Banner | 300 x 250

If you’re looking for maximum visibility then this is the ideal advertising solution for your business. Your brand will appear prominently on every post and category page across the entirety of the Talk Gambling website.

The benefits don’t stop there, your brand will gain additional reach when Talk Gambling or someone else regularly shares a post on social media. Also, Talk Gambling is Google News approved providing an even bigger impact on your campaign.

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Talk Gambling offers a multitude of options when it comes to creating high quality content to suit your requirements. Whether you’re looking to establish or enhance your brand, present your research or data, provide expert opinion or raise awareness for an upcoming event. Whatever it is you can rest assured that we have you covered! Below are just some of the different types of editorials that you can publish with Talk Gambling.

  • Q&A/Interview
  • Product Launch
  • Expert Opinion
  • Data/Research Analysis
  • Event Marketing
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