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Sweepstakes Gurus Launch Across US

The Sweepstakes Gurus have been hard at work creating the ultimate resource to help players find the best sweepstakes casinos across the US.

The newly launched site, has been in progress for most of 2023 and throughout the process GameTime Digital has prioritised creating a great user experience. This has been achieved through a seamless and intuitive site design that is complemented by interesting and insightful content.

The Sweepstakes Gurus mission is simple; Be the ultimate guiding resource for Online Sweepstakes Casinos.

They intend to deliver their mission via their 3 core values;

Player first approach

Sweepstakes Gurus was created by a group of casino enthusiasts, They know what players want because they’re players too! They handpick every sweepstakes casino, bonus, and game they review based on their own likes, dislikes, opinions, and experience.

Integrity above all else

The Gurus believe that honesty is the best policy, particularly when it comes to helping people decide what sweepstakes casino to play at. They state that they have never found the holy grail of casinos, some would even say that it doesn’t exist but that won’t stop them from searching and it would seem that they’ve found some serious contenders along the way!

When they find and review casinos, the Gurus don’t just tell you about all of the great things, they will also highlight why a casino may have just missed the mark, enabling players to make their own informed decisions based on expert knowledge.


The world of online gambling can be fraught with danger, particularly if players choose to play at unregulated casinos. Sweepstakes Gurus only works with licensed, regulated, and reputable casinos and if players experience any issues with a sweepstakes casino then they’re encouraged to get in touch with the Gurus who will try to resolve matters on their behalf.

Alex Windsor, Chief Marketing Officer at GameTime Digital had this to say on the launch of the companies newest site: “As the popularity of sweepstakes casinos grows, players must have a trusted, industry resource to go to for reviews, promotions, and impartial advice. That’s what the Guru’s site aims to provide. I am very proud of what the team have put together and we are looking forward to helping provide players with helpful and insightful guides in the sweepstakes world”

Windsor continues with “There are unfortunately a lot of dodgy and very suspicious operators out there, praying on vulnerable players. The Gurus want to provide a safe and trusted environment where players can see real, honest reviews and opinions from industry experts.”

So what’s next I hear you ask! Well, the wheels never stop turning at Sweepstakes Gurus HQ and there’s plenty to get excited about. Not wanting to give too much away, there’s an amazing collaboration with a player favourite in the making, not to mention some new interactive site features that will further enhance the player experience.

Hi, I'm Ross, founder of Talk Gambling. I've operated within the gambling industry for several years, primarily within the affiliate sector. I originally focused on design and user experience but in recent years I've pursued a passion for SEO, digital marketing and creating great content. Please feel free to get in touch and say hello!