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Let’s Talk Gambling: AI & the changing face of casino operations



Let's Talk Gambling With Magdalena Broda from iGP Hero

iGaming Platform Director Magdalena Broda explains how artificial intelligence will change the face of managed services for the renowned provider of iGaming solutions.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the iGaming industry. Magdalena Broda, Managed Services Director at iGaming Platform (iGP), is currently sitting at the forefront of this revolution.

With a decade’s worth of experience within operations and managed services in the betting and gaming sector, Broda has witnessed first-hand the day-to-day challenges faced by operators and has a strong understanding of what they require to flourish.

As part of her role with the newly re-branded solutions provider, she is responsible for leading the company’s foray into the world of AI as iGP looks to expand its capabilities and make life easier for its growing list of clients and their players.

“iGaming Platform has undergone a complete restructure this year, this has given me an exciting opportunity to build a team of talented managers that are all aligned with our strategy around AI,” explained Broda.

“We all share the same mindset that AI can be used effectively to improve the iGaming experience, whether that be for customer-service purposes, fraud detection and even marketing efforts around player personalisation. We truly believe in efficiency and scalability, and this technology allows us to be successful in both facets.”

Addressing customer-services challenges using AI

Around 30% of all staff within most online casinos are made up of customer services personnel, a figure that Broda did not want to replicate in her team at iGP.

In order for iGP’s Managed Services team to grow at scale and remain as efficient as possible, the company vowed to utilise technology to overcome various challenges within this department.

“It’s all about being efficient with our resources as there are a number of challenges facing companies in this sector when it comes to customer services. The reality is that there are a lot of companies vying for the same few people, the demand for non-English speakers is very high and, if we can’t hire someone that speaks a certain language, we risk under serving our clients.

“Rather than struggle to find agents that speak Finnish, Swedish or Japanese, for example, we are utilising AI to resolve any issues that our clients’ customers may have. We want our AI to be able to recognise a language and respond in kind, and then identify the root problem using keywords in the chat before getting to work at solving the issue itself, ideally eliminating the need for human intervention.

“We have chosen to take this route as we believe that this is what customers want. Self-service is the way forward; we know from experience that people do not want to have long-winded conversations before they can get to the heart of their problems, they want answers there and then. This is aided by a comprehensive support hub offering additional material that looks to answer any questions they may have.

“It’s worth highlighting that we are not shying away from speaking to customers in person. We still want to speak to them, but our approach is to be proactive, not reactive. We want to step in at the right stage of the customer journey and ensure all of their needs are met.”

Utilising AI to identify patterns of play

Another department leveraging artificial intelligence is iGP’s Risk & Fraud team. Many operators are laser-focused on player acquisition, meaning they offer sign-up incentives to new players. This can lead to fraudsters creating accounts to take advantage of generous promotions. Unfortunately, there are also unscrupulous individuals that look to play with stolen identities.

iGP utilises AI and machine learning to recognise suspicious patterns in play and identify fraudulent players in the early stages of their customer journey, not only once it’s too late.

“We are looking at investing in automated player withdrawals”, added Broda. “We don’t want to leave players waiting for a withdrawal request to be approved, this can often take days. Safely speeding this process up can only benefit all parties involved.

“AI will also allow us to verify players in an efficient way, and it gives us confidence as to who our client’s players are, preventing fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activities. Not only this, but it will allow us to monitor our players in real time, meaning we can quickly identify when something isn’t quite right and intervene swiftly.”

Of course, identifying patterns in play is not only good for identifying fraudulent players, but it is also hugely beneficial in helping operators identify player preferences. This technology allows them to segment their player base and truly personalise the player journey.

“One of the most revolutionary uses of AI for us is in the ability to offer our clients segmented marketing. We are able to take a deep dive into their gameplay history and the machine-learning algorithms will be able to deliver a focused marketing campaign that meets their needs.

“Offering them bonuses that are highly specific to their patterns of play has a huge impact on the overall life cycle with the casino and can make all the difference when it comes to retention.”

iGaming Platform – redefining the future of Managed Services

Utilising emerging technology to help streamline the day-to-day operations of iGP’s Managed Services team is top of the agenda for Broda as she looks to make efficiency the name of the game for the company’s clients, while also ensuring KPIs are consistently met.

“Having worked my way through the ranks within the betting and gaming industry, from being a customer-support agent many years ago, to where I am today, I can genuinely say I have huge confidence in what it is operators are looking for when it comes to managed services.

“Strategic ideation, driving innovation and efficiency are the cornerstones of what makes iGP the industry’s hidden gem. There’s nothing quite as innovative or efficient as the effective use of AI and machine learning.

“There’s great belief in this technology-led data-driven approach, we have full buy-in from the wider company and we expect our clients to flourish as a result. Watch this space.”

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