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How can branded games help develop positive relationships with operator partners?



Branded Games Interview With Evoplay

The world of branded games is ever-evolving. In Evoplay’s instance, it has made stealthy headway in collaborating with partners to offer the best slots possible. So, how do branded games strengthen player acquisition and retention? We caught up with Evoplay’s Head of Growth Marketing, Diana Larina, to find out more about the advantages of branded games.

How is Evoplay developing branded games?

Branded games are among the most effective tools for building strong connections between the provider, casino, and player. With 70% of consumers preferring to discover products through content rather than ads, we’ve significantly intensified our focus on branded games.

About a year ago, we only produced branded games on a small scale. However, after observing their much higher returns, we significantly increased our production.

The development process typically starts with requests from partners through our Key Account Managers. After discussing terms and conditions, we begin the branding process. This can take a couple of weeks or, in rare cases, up to a month. Ultimately, we deliver not only a high-quality branded game but a comprehensive product that ensures a unique connection with players, boosts engagement and retention rates, and enhances brand awareness and trust. In return, we get better placement for our games and the opportunity to conduct various promotional campaigns to make players feel more connected to our games.

In what ways do Evoplay’s branded games differentiate themselves?

Our branded titles stand out through a blend of striking visuals, technical excellence, and customised gaming themes and mechanics. This ensures the casino’s brand identity aligns with the markets where our partners operate and targets specific audience segments.

We collaborate closely with our partners to decide which elements to brand, where to add logos, which symbols to replace on the reels, and sometimes even modify the mechanics or rules of the game. These changes can range from minimal tweaks to a complete overhaul of the game. The end result is an exclusive branded game that not only sets us apart but also benefits our partners, resonating more strongly with players.

What unique advantages do branded games offer to operators?

Branded games provide operators with distinct advantages, primarily enhancing player engagement and boosting business metrics. They foster brand loyalty, trust, and retention, add exclusivity to offerings, differentiate operators in the market, and drive sales.

Our internal data analysis demonstrates how these qualitative benefits translate into significant growth in business metrics. Comparing branded games to their original versions, we’ve observed substantial increases across all key metrics: Rounds – 98%, GGR – 224%, Bet Sum – 399%, and Users – 92%. This highlights the urgency for operators to capitalise on branded games before their advantages become widely recognised.

Why is strong branding crucial for player acquisition and retention?

Strong branding ensures that games resonate with players when they encounter familiar logos or hear company and game names. For instance, Just do it instantly brings Nike to mind without further explanation.

In the competitive iGaming market, where player engagement and trust are paramount, a strong brand – whether it’s ours or our partners’ – is essential for establishing credibility. It signifies quality, reliability, and consistency in delivering enjoyable gaming experiences. In essence, strong branding is the bedrock of player loyalty and preference, fostering trust in our offerings.

What has the response been from Evoplay’s partners?

Our partners have responded positively to Evoplay’s branded games. Initially, some partners tested the effectiveness of branded games with a single order, but after seeing significant growth in business metrics, some of them began ordering in series. For instance, we’ve developed two successful branded games for BetСonstruct – Mr. First Greatest Catch and FastToken: Penalty Shoot-out: Street, both of which were nominated for the B.F.T.H. Arena Awards. 

Additionally, I want to emphasise the impact of branded games across different regions. Whether in Europe or Latin America, integrating a casino logo or other branded elements into a game triggers a conditioned response among players, enhancing trust and engagement.

To sum up, in addition to offering fresh and engaging content, branded games enable us to forge stronger connections with players. This advantage holds particular significance in the intricate iGaming market.

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