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Games Global takes female empowerment to the next level



Lets-Talk Gambling With Natasha Whittaker

Not only does Games Global boast an enviable portfolio of content, but it leads the way in highlighting its talented female workforce. The brand’s Director of HR Strategy, Governance and Talent, Natasha Whittaker, tells us about its Women’s Authenticity Triangle of Excellence.

Can you give us the elevator pitch of what the Women’s Authenticity Triangle of Excellence is all about?

Our Women’s Authenticity Triangle of Excellence is all about empowerment of the incredibly talented women within our company and creating an inclusive environment that ensures they will continue to be a huge factor in our continued success. It’s more than just a forum; it’s a dynamic environment where the voices of our female Globalites can be shared with a feeling of safety and not being afraid to share our dreams and fears.

By fostering candid conversations, having robust debates, and addressing an array of issues that affect our women, we don’t just talk about change – we spearhead it. This is about shaping a workplace that is not only inclusive, but a beacon of progress and a testament to the powerful impact our women have in driving our business forward.

What was the reason for the initiative and what are you hoping to achieve?

The idea was sparked by an invigorating authenticity panel that addressed diversity and the essence of being genuine. The interaction was incredibly insightful as our Globalites enjoyed open lines of communication, posing insightful questions and sharing empowering stories. After such an eye-opening experience, we realised we had created something very profound with scope for expansion.

My ambition was clear, we had an obligation to capture this dynamic energy and channel it into a structured platform that could incite real, tangible change. We aimed to create a triangle not just as a forum for conversation, but as a crucible for transformation.

This is about turning passion into purpose, dialogue into development, and individual insights into institutional innovation. I had a vision for a space where every Globalite could contribute to and benefit from a rising tide of empowerment that lifts everyone, fostering an environment where women’s voices lead the charge in sculpting a culture that truly embodies our values of togetherness, boldness, authenticity, and responsibility.

How important is diversity in our industry which has traditionally been very male dominated?

Diversity is not just important in our industry; it’s essential. In an arena that historically has been male dominated, the mixture of diverse perspectives is a game-changer. Diversity stimulates innovation, encourages creative problem-solving, and reflects the views of our global customer base.

We’re not looking to simply ‘fit in’ to the existing framework; we aim to expand it, bringing in a wealth of ideas that challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what is possible. By embracing diversity, we are committing to a culture of inclusivity that celebrates unique insights and fosters an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to our collective success, regardless of gender.

This commitment is embedded in our core values of togetherness, boldness, authenticity, and responsibility. We see diversity as an opportunity to be bold and disrupt patterns, to authentically reflect the society we serve, and to responsibly build a foundation that supports equitable representation. Our aim is to build a culture where every voice is heard, every talent is nurtured, and every team member feels they belong.

For Games Global it is not just about being part of the industry, it’s about taking it to the next level and moving it forward. And to lead, we must reflect the full spectrum of human experiences and thoughts. We’re creating one innovation, one game, and one empowered individual at a time.

Is enough being done to encourage more females to join the gambling space?

Encouraging more females to join the gambling space is an evolving movement that requires continuous effort and commitment.

Additionally, representation matters. Seeing more women in leadership positions within the industry can inspire others to join and can help break down the barriers of a traditionally male-dominated space. While strides have been made, there is always more that can be done. Initiatives such as inclusive hiring practices, mentorship programmes, and fostering a supportive work environment where women can thrive are critical.

All In Diversity and Global Gaming Women both continue to do great work in keeping this on the industry’s agenda and provide initiatives that support real change.

Games Global is actively engaged in this journey, understanding that diversity and gender parity are not just beneficial but are imperative for innovation and growth. Through our efforts in creating safe and empowering spaces for women to connect and share their experiences, like our authenticity triangle, we are setting new standards within the industry.

However, the conversation and actions must be ongoing. We must continue to challenge biases, provide equal opportunities for professional development, and celebrate the achievements of women in our field. There is a shared responsibility across the industry to not only open doors for female talent but also to ensure they have the support and resources to excel once they’re here.

How else is Games Global focusing on increasing diversity in the company?

Increasing diversity is a multi-layered mission that permeates every level of our company.

  • We have taken deliberate steps to ensure that our dedication to equal opportunities are clear to all potential applicants from the outset. It is imperative that they recognise our commitment to creating a balanced and inclusive workplace.
  • Our talent acquisition process has evolved to prioritise ‘culture add’ rather than merely ‘culture fit.’ This subtle yet profound shift allows us to embrace the unique qualities each individual brings to the table, enriching our company culture with a variety of perspectives and experiences.
  • We are launching mandatory Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) training for all staff in January 2024, which includes tackling unconscious bias head-on. This training is not a one-off, instead it is a continuous learning journey, ensuring that EDI principles are ingrained in our day-to-day operations.
  • Recognising the value that a diverse team of individuals bring, we are currently assessing our hiring practices to identify where we can be more accommodating, understanding that traditional methods do not always capture the strengths of these applicants.
  • Our authenticity panels continue to be a cornerstone of our EDI strategy, fostering dialogue on key topics and raising awareness about the importance of diversity and authenticity in the workplace.
  • More ‘triangles’ have been introduced. This is our term for think tanks or resource groups that cater to different diversity segments. These groups serve as a platform for voices from various backgrounds to be heard. 
  • Lastly, we are not just setting goals but are measuring our progress through key EDI metrics. These metrics are not static; we plan to expand and refine them over the next 12 months to ensure they reflect our growing understanding of what true diversity looks like and how it can be fostered.

All these initiatives are steps in our journey towards a more diverse and vibrant Games Global, one where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to our collective success.

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