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Let’s Talk Gambling: BETBY leads the way with new Barcelona based R&D hub



Let's Talk Gambling-With Danil Emelyanov From Betby

BETBY prides itself on industry innovation and can point to its excellent product suite as proof of taking content and betting experiences to the next level. The leading supplier is not slowing down in its efforts to enhance its offering with the opening of BetbyAI Labs, which will be the brand’s fifth office.

Talk Gambling spoke with Head of Analytics, Danil Emelyanov and here’s what he had to say about how the site will be devoted to the research and development of new and exciting products.

People should be the heart and soul of any company’s office, and I am proud to say that is the case for all of BETBY’s hubs. Our first office was in Riga, and the site was completely empty as we were still recruiting. To see what the space in Riga has become is a testament to the growth of our brand, and this is down to the hard work and dedication of all our employees.

We wanted our research and development centre to be a standalone hub, and be a completely independent branch of our company. This will see our teams engage in technological research that will focus on improving our products and solutions, and further develop the unique features of our sportsbook. An example of this is the integration of various AI modules, or similar pieces of technology that can generate personalised experiences. Not only would the creation of such tools be beneficial to our brand, but I believe we should be aiming to deliver something that the entire industry could utilise.

There are many examples of how products have been created and developed in research and development departments which have seen great engagement and traction for brands across the industry. There should be no limitations in R&D activity, they should not be part of daily product creation, they deserve to stand alone.

You need a separate place to engage in creativity, and R&D brings with it a different kind of creativity, which you hope results in the creation of a game changing product innovation, and even if it does not pan out as you would hope, the creative process is one where you should learn from mistakes and can be equally as valuable. R&D must work in conjunction with the realities of what is happening in the market, this eliminates any chance of creating something that isn’t fit for purpose.

“Barcelona is now becoming the hub of iGaming in Europe”

It is in BETBY’s new office in Barcelona that we will grow our R&D team and develop this area of our business. Barcelona is now becoming the hub of iGaming in Europe, with huge potential to become the biggest hub in the world.

The attention of the industry is shifting towards Barcelona with the announcement that ICE in 2025 will be staged in the city. The location is very convenient in terms of infrastructure and logistics, for example, obtaining a visa can be a relatively smooth process compared to other areas. There is a strong possibility that Barcelona has every chance to become the global centre of the iGaming industry.

Barcelona was also an attractive location for us because of the unlimited opportunities to hire highly qualified specialists, who are attracted to the Spanish city thanks to its good legal landscape. If brands are to open a new office, especially with research and development at its core, one should choose a vibrant location that is going to make noise across the industry, and these factors ultimately influenced our choice.

“many of our competitors are doing something just to look innovative”

I’ve been researching the impact of AI in sports betting for some time and the latest SBC Summit was a chance to learn more. From my perspective, there is a lot of hype in this area, thanks to the rise of ChatGPT and other platforms, and many of our competitors are doing something just to look innovative. In contrast to that, we are obsessed with the idea of adding value to our products and business from the use of AI.

Five years ago, BETBY became a game changer in the market and that remains the same. We are focused on delivering the best sportsbook in the world and there is still work to be done, but we welcome that. In order to avoid internal battles for resources, we decided to create a brand-new space and a team focused on innovations, which we have decided to call BetbyAI Labs.

I’m really excited to lead this new project and I see a lot of opportunities for BETBY to gain momentum. Now is the time to change the game again and define what real AI in betting is all about.

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