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Let’s Talk Gambling: Crash Games, are they really as simple as they seem?



Lets Talk Gambling With Betgames Skyward

Talk Gambling Founder & CEO, Ross Timmins recently spoke with Vytautas Graičiūnas, BetGames Lead Product Owner about their latest release Skyward and what really goes in to creating crash games.

Crash games appear on the surface to be simple – is the reality of developing one different?

At first glance, crash games may seem simple, but our unique development process adds layers of sophistication. We focus on creating an intuitive and visually stunning interface, ensuring our games stand out in the market.

Numerous crucial factors come into play. Designing an intuitive and visually captivating interface is essential for delivering a seamless user experience. This involves ensuring clarity in UI elements, facilitating ease of navigation and enhancing overall gameplay. Additionally, there are instances of robust mathematical model creations and algorithms which govern various game dynamics such as: the crash multiplier, payout mechanics and randomness. All of this is imperative to ensure fairness.

Consideration of platform, technology and architecture also significantly contributes to the development process.

While developing other game projects posed considerable challenges, the creation of a crash game rivaled them in complexity and demands, standing tall as an equally formidable endeavor.

How important is providing a stable technical back end to ensuring the game plays flawlessly?

The significance of our stable backend infrastructure is paramount. It’s the backbone of our smooth and responsive gaming experience, offering players rapid gameplay and minimal latency, a unique selling point in today’s competitive market. The backend plays a critical role in managing real-time data updates – it encompasses elements such as the game’s multiplier, player bets, and crash outcomes. This stability is instrumental in guaranteeing timely and accurate updates, thereby upholding the game’s integrity.

Adapting to fluctuating player numbers, a resilient backend proficiently manages diverse loads without compromising performance, maintaining high uptime to minimize the risk of server crashes or unforeseen downtimes that might disrupt gameplay. Since the global player base utilizes a vast variety of devices and internet connections, meeting player expectations for uninterrupted access usually becomes challenging.

What considerations went into the flexibility of the game to suit individual brands and operators for players to feel at home?

Our game’s flexibility is a key selling point, allowing operators to offer players unique, visually captivating experiences. Our focus extended beyond developing the game’s default version; we aimed to swiftly and easily customize it to suit operators’ specific requirements. To resonate with players in targeted regions we have incorporated unique in-game elements such as renowned landmarks, objects and localized landscapes.

I’m immensely pleased with our accomplishment – our Skyward plane soaring above world famous landmarks reflects our success. These customisations not only resulted in multiple branded game versions but also ensured exceptional performance without compromising gameplay quality. This success fuels our motivation to explore further possibilities in the future.

What other features can players look forward to when they enjoy Skyward?

Our forward-looking approach in developing Skyward is centered on player satisfaction. We constantly analyze player behavior, allowing us to introduce innovative features that keep us ahead in the iGaming industry. This concerted effort enables us to flexibly adapt and introduce new functionalities based on the insights gleaned from our findings.

We’re aware that the iGaming industry doesn’t adhere to a singular, universally applicable approach and trends remain in constant flux. Hence, our foremost focus lies in promptly responding and being adaptable to effectively navigate through these continuously evolving trends.

I want to seize this moment to express gratitude once more to all my colleagues whose contributions led to this remarkable achievement.

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