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Let’s Talk Gambling: Player acquisition & retention with Symplify



Let's Talk Gambling Player Acquisition And Retention with Symplify

How successfully are gaming companies utilising segmentation for player communications to drive engagement? What new strategies do you expect to be used to enhance this further?

Data depth has become an indispensable tool when analysing player behaviour. With Symplify, our clients can mount real time searches on their players’ historical data, complemented with dynamic data (game win/loss variance and other fluctuating values) which contribute to giving an entire overview. Couple that with web data and you have an extremely potent tool for the creation of customer segments and cohort groups.

It is all too easy to fall into binary and flat data searches, “has deposited so much…” “has won so much…” and so on. Typically that type of segmenting, while providing ‘quick fix’ results can lead to skewed analysis leading to the CRM team missing the bigger picture.

How does Symplify enable their customers to strike the balance between acquisition and retention efforts, considering the traditional focus from marketing teams on acquisition? Should marketing teams put retention first to ensure long-term customer engagement and loyalty?

Our feeling is, these two things are not mutually exclusive. It stands to reason that acquisition always gets the most love, it’s still viewed as the primary growth generator. While that is true, to coin a phrase, two things can be true at once. Ideally, the marketing team is not just looking for players who convert, they should be looking for players with value.

That’s where symbiosis of the CRM and marketing team should happen. Throwing investment at acquisition is a blunt force technique that can be pretty easily achieved, building longevity through those acquisition strategies is where the success lies. That is in no way to take away the very skilled efforts of the marketing teams across the industry, we see amazing campaigns again and again, but if the player is churning off after three days, are we not back to square one?

Marketing and CRM have to work in complete unison, and Symplify allows for the seamless handover from converted sign up to loyal player. I would say put both retention and marketing on the same footing, which I think is an industry change that has happened over the past five years.

What are the important metrics to analyse and categorise different player types? Are there additional data points that Symplify monitors to create true player engagement?

Web behaviour data. Conversion testing, personalisation. These elements are critical in other industries but still hopelessly under-resourced in gaming. To take a simple example, let’s say you have a decent deal with a large affiliate who you have previously enjoyed plenty of success with .

You are eventually pumping the player through the funnel to your site, an elementary landing page. The fact these landing pages and forms are not being scrutinised and tested means you are leaving revenue on the table. That’s the bottom line. Symplify can greatly enhance an operator’s testing capability.

How is Symplify using AI in its service, and are there any new areas to which it will be applied in the CRM ecosystem?

There are multiple areas of Symplify where AI is currently being utilised. Of course our biggest play is within propensity or predictive marketing. LTV prediction, Churn prediction, Bonus abuse are just some of the elements we have developed active AI modules for. Naturally content and image creation is also covered by AI.

Importantly AI is playing a crucial role in accurately identifying responsible gambling behaviours and ensuring players are able to enjoy an experience within a safe and controlled environment.

Hi, I'm Ross, founder of Talk Gambling. I've operated within the gambling industry for several years, primarily within the affiliate sector. I originally focused on design and user experience but in recent years I've pursued a passion for SEO, digital marketing and creating great content. Please feel free to get in touch and say hello!