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Let’s Talk Gambling: Successfully entering the UK market



Lets Talk Gambling: Successfully Entering The UK Market

The UK online gaming market remains the largest in Europe. But with increased pressure from the regulator and large fines lined up for those who fail to meet compliance challenges, Talk Gambling spoke with Tommy Kearns, CEO at Xtremepush to consider the chances of success for new market entrants and what part providers have to play in negotiating potential pitfalls.

What challenges face new entrants into the UK and how do these differ from elsewhere in Europe?  

The UK is a mature, heavily regulated market. There are huge costs involved in acquiring new players and for that reason, it’s vital to maximise their life cycle. Operators have to understand customers on a deep level, serving them with appropriate, personalised offers at key moments.

We’ve seen that operators in the UK can tap into fresh customer demographics through the smart deployment of gamification. With bespoke free-to-play (FTP) products, including those we’ve created and launched with The Pools in the UK, these work best as part of a unified product. That means, as a key part of the marketing and CRM strategy that contains a 360-degree feedback loop. CRM is still the lifeblood of the iGaming industry, both in the UK as in other markets. Without it, the relationship between operator and player withers away to nothing.

What are the key factors a prospective casino brand looking to enter the UK should consider when setting up their operations?

To make a splash in the UK, operators have to put major resources into a differentiated product for the consumer and into player acquisition strategies. When spending so much time, effort and money on bringing in new players, operators have to focus on who they are, how they engage and what their appetites are in terms of content. An optimal approach to CRM will help an operator provide appropriate content and offers to players to keep them engaged.

We can look at an example here in terms of optimisation: studying those times when players take up incentives put in front of them and repeating that process. Strong personalisation engines can incentivise journeys by serving up relevant content. A football fan, for example, could be provided with an offer for a football-themed casino game at a crucial moment in the build-up to a big game at Euro 2024 this summer. By leveraging CRM data, operators can help to improve brand loyalty by anticipating customer needs.

How are the appetites of players evolving in the UK and how can providers cater for these preferences, both in terms of content and retention and engagement tools?

We have all seen how the major streaming giants present highly personalised and relevant content to their customers. It’s perfectly reasonable for casino players to expect a similarly tailored experience. At Xtremepush, we believe AI technology can play a major part in creating campaigns that deliver a new level of personalisation within the industry. InfinityAI, our solution for predicting player behaviour, uses predictive modelling that offers superior performance, transparency and control. It allows for real-time comparisons and adjustments between customised models to maximise effectiveness. It’s a true game-changer in the market, offering a unique level of control over campaign optimisation. By enabling operators to better understand the appetites of their players, we’re helping to reshape the entire retention and engagement landscape.

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