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Let’s Talk Gambling: Telegram casinos roundtable



Talk Gambling Telegram Casinos Roundtable

An industry trend that has recently captivated the attention of millions of players are crypto casinos on Telegram. One of the most prominent brands, TG Casino, is claiming to be ‘the World’s fastest growing casino’ with $545 million wagered in just a few months since its launch in September 2023.

The Telegram platforms offer players crypto betting and casino experiences from the world’s leading suppliers, through bots, without needing to leave the messenger app.

In this piece, we discuss the trend, what makes the platforms so successful, compliance and what to expect in the future with Denis Kosinsky, Chief Operating Officer at NuxGame & Mark Taffler, Commercial Director at Hub88

What makes Telegram casinos so popular compared with traditional platforms?


Widespread use of the app has meant that casinos are more accessibility compared to traditional platforms and as a result Telegram casinos have surged in popularity. Users can access gaming services within the familiar environment of their messaging app, eliminating the need for additional downloads or registrations.

This is always going to be a pull factor in attracting audiences as well as accommodating those who seek more anonymity. Furthermore, the platform’s open API allows for rapid deployment and customisation of games, catering efficiently to user demands and market trends. This combination of convenience, popularity, and technological adaptability makes Telegram casinos an increasingly favoured choice among modern players.


The first Telegram casino was launched only last year so they are still emerging but despite it being a fairly new product, it has a lot of potential, being available on the second largest instant messaging app globally, with 800 million active members.

Telegram casinos are quickly growing in popularity as an exciting option for players with one of the benefits being that they operate directly in the messaging app, with one-click login and one-click deposit capabilities, as well as their own crypto wallet. This allows for greater ease-of-use, lower fees and more privacy.

While traditional online casinos require you to sign up and go through other processes, Telegram players can easily transfer funds with one click from their wallet into, their Whale, Mega Dice, or TG Casino account and more importantly, it’s also easier to withdraw wins. The platform is also fully encrypted, adding a layer of security and they are generally viewed as a more innovative way to game or bet. For operators, Telegram offers direct access and communication with players through the chat function which is invaluable.

Responsible gaming is currently top of the industry’s agendas. Telegram Casinos claim to be fully licensed and safe – do you agree with this statement or are additional safeguards needed?


While Telegram casinos claim to be fully licensed and safe, there are potential security concerns associated with platforms that are not primarily designed for gambling.

While Telegram’s privacy features provide more confidentiality, the flip side is that it complicates the enforcement of responsible gaming and fraud prevention measures. Moreover, occasional data leaks within Telegram raise additional safety concerns. Therefore, additional safeguards and stricter regulatory compliance are necessary to ensure player protection as well as the security and integrity of gambling activities on Telegram.


Most Telegram casinos are Curacao licenced, offering a level of credibility as they help ensure a layer of safety and count as a reassurance for players.
However, Telegram platforms don’t generally have built-in tools such as affordability checks, self-exclusion, and time and financial limits, so may not be as capable of limiting problem behaviours as traditional operators.

As with any gambling offering, is important to research the casino’s reputation and the games offered before playing. Through the social nature of Telegram casinos, people will generally find them by referral from a friend which also offers a pre-established level of trust.

Do you think the industry has missed a trick with crypto offerings and not been innovative enough in the space?


NuxGame provides a range of features tailored to the evolving needs of casino operators, such as multi-balance options, an in-game currency converter, and direct crypto purchases for players on the platform. We also ensure efficient crypto asset management by assigning individual wallets to each player. Integration with Web 3.0 wallets like MetaMask, Aptos, and Phantom is also supported, enhancing our platform’s technological edge. While these features are robust, we acknowledge the potential benefits of incorporating smart contract functionality to further secure and automate transactions.


Our parent company, Yolo Group, launched, the first ever crypto casino in 2013. We have since seen a number of other industry projects around crypto, both from operators and suppliers trying to innovate in this space. Cryptocurrency has gone from being something in the ether where people make billions overnight, to being a utility. It can now be used in the same way as cash which many gambling platforms facilitate so it has become a lot more mainstream.

I don’t think there’s a trick to be missed with crypto and gambling. As time goes on and more people adopt crypto and understand it, it’s ultimately just another payment method. There is no requirement to overcomplicate things.

Do you expect this trend will expand to other social apps and that it will become the preferred way for new generations to bet and/or play?


While the integration of crypto casinos on platforms like Telegram offers innovative convenience and privacy, it presents significant challenges that could hinder its expansion as a preferred gaming method for future generations. The model raises serious security concerns, not least because of the platform’s primary function as a messaging service rather than a dedicated gambling environment. This misalignment can complicate the enforcement of responsible gaming and fraud prevention measures.

Moreover, the regulatory landscape for such gambling practices remains underdeveloped, potentially exposing users to risks and legal uncertainties. For this trend to become a sustainable part of the digital gaming industry, it will require stringent regulatory frameworks, enhanced security measures, and a committed approach to ethical gambling practices. While trends do point towards the uptake of social apps as casino platforms, if they are to gain widespread trust and legitimacy, these concerns must first be addressed.


Newer generations want to play on their own terms and may be more inclined to use apps to gamble socially. I am fascinated to see how this looks in 20 years because there are intelligent people out there constantly pushing technology forward and the sky is the limit. Certain restrictions in local markets also make the betting and gaming offering less appealing and there is a big group of people that reject that and want to be free to gamble on their own terms.

Whether we end up having this kind of offering on more mainstream social channels like WhatsApp remains to be seen as there are challenges to consider, such as regulation and app rules, which may prohibit expansion to other platforms.

We have to remember that social casinos and sweepstakes have been around for a long time, starting as free-to-play apps that are hugely popular around the world. If you look at India, the largest site in the country is Mobile Premier League (MPL) Live, where players can win rewards and cash for playing their favourite games. These products and apps with a heavy focus on the social elements are not new, and Telegram is just another vehicle to facilitate this entertainment.

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