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Let’s Talk Gambling with Aposta Ganha CCO, Hugo Baungartner



Lets Talk Gambling Aposta Ganha

Hi Hugo, can you start by telling us a bit about the Aposta brand and your role within the organisation for the readers that aren’t familiar with you?

Aposta Ganha Group has been operating within the Brazilian market for the past five years, and since December last year, we launched our first international and Spanish-speaking operation in Mexico. I joined as VP for Global Markets in June 2023, focusing on the international market and was recently promoted to CCO as part of our licensing process in Brazil. One of the core parts of my role is managing our Mexican operation and handling government affairs.

How does Brazilian regulation differ from other markets, are there any particular challenges that you’ve had to navigate and what advice would you give to anyone else wanting to follow a similar path?

The Brazilian online regulation process was a long and arduous process. Since 2016, each year the market has matured and as a result, there has been far greater clarity on the path forward. Everybody has to keep in mind that the entire Brazilian market until recently has been based on fixed odds lottery. Sports betting and online games are nearing regulation once the ordinance is published. Once it is done, we will have a complete picture of the process.

We’ve seen that Aposta Ganha has sponsored some great events and in particular the Olinda Carnival. It looks amazing, how was it?

We love to be with our people and clients. Real Brazilian events that are loved by the country are always on our radar. Olinda, Recife, and Salvador Carnival were all amazing opportunities to show our identity. The São João of Caruaru just started, and once again we are sponsoring.

Congratulations on your partnership with IBIA, I know it’s early days but how is that going?

Thank you! Every quarter, we relentlessly strive to improve our product and operation. IBIA was a long process that was in our plans. We are always seeking to give our customers the best experience possible. We also joined the Sportradar Integrity Program as it is a vital initiative for operators across the globe to unite and ensure our players can enjoy a fair sporting landscape. Our data and standing in LatAm will prove a valuable asset and we’re proud to partner with such a proactive programme.

You have a huge focus on the Brazilian market but how are things going over in Mexico with

Our initial launch in Mexico has gone very well, however I always say to our team that we had a baby and we have to take care of him. We are very happy and growing every month. The product is getting better and better, and the UX is continuously being optimised as we gather more data from our users.

So, what next for the Aposta brand? Is there any exciting news that you can share with the Talk Gambling community?

We are 100% focused on the regulation process in Brazil and our operation in Mexico. We are in the process of approval of our platform with SERPRO and also in the GLI19 and 33 certification. We will be ready for Brazil on January 1st, 2025 with the best product on the market that brings exceptional entertainment.

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