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Let’s Talk Gambling with Leigh Nissim, CEO & Founder of Future Anthem



Let's Talk Gambling With Leigh Nissim, CEO And Founder Of Future Anthem

You have spent many years in C-level roles at the likes of IGT, NEKTAN and SG Digital. What led you to start a company focused on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning?

The majority of my roles within betting and gaming have been on the B2B side of the industry and I’ve had the immense privilege of collaborating with and supplying some of the biggest names in the sector over many years.

Being so deeply involved has allowed me to gain a priceless understanding of the ecosystem and the companies within it; I can identify the challenges they face and the opportunities that present themselves as a result.

One such challenge for operators and studios – an eternal puzzle to solve – is managing games, and data, largely due to the immense volume of information and myriad technologies that contain the data.

Whether due to a lack of resource, knowledge or process, it can be incredibly difficult for them to extract value from this data and to implement true AI. This is where the dedicated, experienced and highly-skilled Future Anthem team comes into the frame. Our AI products and expertise can make a seemingly impossible task seamless thanks to a combination of leading technology and specialist data scientists.

“Our technology has processed over 200 billion bets and a staggering one billion game sessions”

Can you give our readers a window into what Future Anthem has achieved since it was founded in 2019?

Of course! Our technology has processed over 200 billion bets and a staggering one billion game sessions across 100 million player hours. Those numbers are hard to fathom – especially as many companies don’t have a frame of reference to compare it to – and what’s even more impressive is that they’re continuing to grow at a great pace.

Our biggest accomplishment to date is our team. We have built a highly competent, loyal and engaged group that are more than adept at developing AI products and infrastructure super-quick, as the volumes clearly demonstrate, driven by the appetite among a growing portfolio of leading industry names for our award-winning products and services. Everyone at Future Anthem is an inspiration to work with and I’m so proud of all the incredible things we are achieving together on a daily basis.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are big leaps forward in terms of technology. Is getting buy-in from decision-makers difficult because of a lack of knowledge in this area?

Getting buy-in from companies is rarely a challenge, however, getting alignment from them often is. We have learned to be flexible in our technical approach. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. We cater for organisations who want to do things themselves with hybrid approaches that combine our AI with theirs.

That said, we also want to deliver a full service to others who don’t want to build but want to buy. Getting teams working in unison is probably the biggest challenge to the broader adoption of AI right now. This is a growing pain of a relatively nascent sector but everyone we work with is solidly aligned on not just the potential but the necessity of AI.

Future Anthem recently launched Amplifier AI for sportsbooks worldwide, how AI benefit the sports betting industry?

Sports betting is uniquely positioned at the intersection of e-commerce, entertainment and media. It’s a product built on data with huge volumes of it spread across the ecosystem.

We firmly believe that for sportsbooks to remain successful they must embrace their data with AI across their entire business to scale effectively and grow their market share. From the customer experience, to compliance, and all the way through to operations. There should be no part of a sportsbook that doesn’t interact with AI at some level.

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