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Let’s Talk Gambling with OddsJam CEO, Matt Restivo



Lets Talk Gambling With Matt Restivo Oddsjam

When Matt Restivo became the CEO over at OddsJam, Talk Gambling reached out to find out a little more about the new driving force at the helm of the premium data platform for sports bettors

You have spent many years in various industries so what led you specifically to OddsJam?

My route to OddsJam covers 15 years where I worked across sports and media, building direct-to-consumer products in 2013 at the NHL, later at BAMTECH when we launched ESPN+ and then Action Network. Before this period, I was at ESPN, where in 2011, I spearheaded the delivery of over 4 billion notifications per month to more than 25 million subscribers.

OddsJam’s rise within the sports betting space came on the back of its “Bloomberg terminal” tools – this caught my eye. What they were doing covered a lot of my experience and passions, which resulted in me becoming an advisor to the business in late 2021. Earlier this year I was honoured to be made CEO to help deliver on the mission of providing the best data tools and educational content to sports bettors worldwide.

Can you give our readers an insight into what a day in the life of the OddsJam CEO is like?

One word springs to mind, stressful, but in a positive light. No day is the same as there is so much variety. A main focus though would be on the highest leveraged aspects of the business – recruiting, helping our product team, supporting our marketing team, and making sure the key business elements of the company are humming.

Marketing and brand is big for us given the untapped potential of the US betting market alone. There are currently 40 million US bettors, but at the moment I would say of 100 people you asked about OddsJam in a sports bar, 98 still haven’t heard of us. We have the product, tech and an awesome, hyper engaged community that is helping spread the word of our tech. Amplifying our offering is something always on the mind.

You must have learnt some valuable lessons along the way, what advice would you give to others within the industry?

I’ve certainly learnt a few, but the most invaluable would be to prioritise value creation. It’s easy to obsess with grand visions or constant fundraising, yet the true essence lies in focusing on addressing the demands of users. 

Razor sharp focus on solving genuine problems for your customers paves the way for success. Far too many times have I seen companies slip into the trap of becoming reliant on relentless fundraising.

At no time has it been easier than now to launch a business and that’s a big part thanks to AI. Instead of focusing on raising, look to build a sustainable business model centred around delivering genuine value to your users. 

What sets OddsJam apart from other competitors within the industry?

A relentless focus on the customer. At OddsJam we firmly believe there exists a huge opportunity to equip sports bettors with the tools to avoid losing their shirts betting. We are changing how US bettors think about betting, moving away from the belief that “line shopping” is a real concept. For us, it’s all about identifying value in the market with real-time data – and that is what we focus on.

To deliver on this, you must have the tech in place. We’ve taken an innovative approach to recruit an all-star team of ops and tech stars. We have been able to execute on an incredibly high quality subscription product, with compelling content, in less than three years of existence. Expertise in low-latency data allows us to present key data with minimal delay to allow our community to benefit from the opportunities available.

What was OddsJam’s greatest achievement in 2023?

Greatest achievement in 2023 undoubtedly centred on OddsJam’s growth. With an increase of over 260% within a year, the company rocketed to new heights, building upon an already strong foundation. These figures underline the strength of OddsJam’s strategies, while simultaneously highlighting the ability to capitalise on market opportunities.

What is the key focus and priorities for OddsJam in 2024?

We have two key focuses for us in the remainder of 2024. First up, we want to continue spreading our message and educating people on smarter betting practices. Then it’s about actively pursuing international expansion.

Keep an eye on several new offerings that will be launching this year that will help us reach more consumers.

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