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Let’s Talk Gambling with Sporting Risk CCO, Andy Phillips



Lets Talk Gambling Andy Phillips Sporting Risk

Talk Gambling Founder & CEO Ross Timmins spoke with Sporting Risk CCO, Andy Phillips to learn about how Sporting Risk gained a competitive edge over the course of the last 12 months and what sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

What is Sporting Risk’s core expertise?

Our competitive edge over the last 12 months or so has really come from the combination of three things. Firstly, understanding and modelling football from a very granular perspective with a focus on the player component.

From there it’s having the technology to ingest and manage all the vast number of different data sources that are required to best power these models. And also to produce an output that is also optimised and customisable for different types of client.

Finally, our expertise in understanding what products drive market share and revenue for sports betting operators. This means we can bet on developing solutions that have the necessary business case for getting prioritised on integration roadmaps.

How does Sporting Risk provide innovative price feeds and content?

The business began as a betting syndicate before providing analytics to professional clubs and then the city. As such it is one of the rare entities in this space that does the work to accurately forecast football matches without taking the market price as a shortcut. This process produces hundreds of thousands of predictive outputs for every single match. As customer trends develop and operator UX improves, the landscape is opening up for us to leverage all of this IP.

Operators are under huge pressures and have very little risk appetite for experimentation and R&D. Most innovation is now outsourced to a handful of suppliers who all basically work the same way. In an industry that is very homogenised we have the tools to provide something totally unique.

What role does Sporting Risk play in the UK betting industry?

From next season, our models will power many of the UK’s leading brands’ player props. These markets have been the biggest product innovation in UK sportsbooks in recent years. Having the widest breadth and depth of offering here is becoming a huge competitive advantage for those that have invested.

As the most mature market globally, many regions tend to follow the UK’s lead, so we are betting on seeing more demand from Europe and LatAm in the next few years. We are also expecting to help some challenger brands here in the UK to offer a totally unique spin on their Betbuilders. This will be a great opportunity for them to go and win market share.

What automated data and content offerings does Sporting Risk provide?

As well as providing the predictive modelling and odds we offer a suite of engagement solutions that operators can use to promote their product. The fundamental theme behind all of these is that yes: customers want to consume content, statistics and insights but no: they don’t want to stare at anything resembling an excel sheet or click through a menu to find them.

We assess the engagement potential of all the possible insights that our models can deliver and serve them up to the customer only when they are objectively noteworthy and relevant in the context of the live action.

The content is programmatically curated for the customer like a TV commentator pulling surprising stats from his sleeve live on air. Rather than offering them something more like a self service statistics almanack for them to need to dig through.

What sets Sporting Risk’s player proposition and interval-based betting markets apart?

We have a huge breadth of competition coverage and depth of market offering and continue to expand rapidly. This means that an operator focused on a tier 2 or 3 football territory like Chile or Sweden or Japan can be the first and only to give its clients that unique EPL level offering for the local leagues.

In Spain or Brazil where the competition might have some player props, we can help the operator be unique to offer player markets from Segunda or Brasileiro B. In addition, the pricing is robust enough to mean this is a high margin product on the singles offering alone. We then make all these markets combinable via a Betbuilder to further extend both uniqueness and profitability. The operator is in complete control of all this via UI or programmatically via API and can take a range of outputs from margined prices, to 100% prices or expectancies, or percentage share of team expectancies to power in house pricing capabilities.

This final point illustrates the benefits we get from listening to the bespoke requirements that clients tend to come with. Over time as we deliver and parameterise more of these customisations, it creates a lot of options to suit allcomers.

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