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Let’s Talk Gambling: The growing importance of machine learning



Talk Gambling With Dmitry Starostenkov EvenBet Gaming

iGamingFM shares insights regarding the growing importance of machine learning in their latest episode featuring EvenBet Gaming CEO Dmitry Starostenkov. You can continue reading or click here to listen to the full episode

The use of machine learning is vital in the development of safer and more interactive gaming experiences, according to Starostenkov.

Discussing the rise of AI in iGaming and how the technology holds immense promise in understanding customer behaviour and enhancing the overall player experience, particularly in ensuring safer gambling practices.

He said: “Creating a strong leadership team is a top priority for us. EvenBet Gaming is a growing company in a fast-growing industry, and this includes expanding our tech team to move forward with machine learning and AI implementation.

“The last few years we have made significant progress in adopting machine learning to prevent and detect fraud, as well as adopting new interactive and entertainment options which are demanded by the new generation of players, like media chat, new types of promotion mechanics and throwable objects.

“Creating bold, new games is not enough. We also have to create a safe and secure environment for players to enjoy the excitement.”

Joining the EvenBet Gaming CEO on the episode was industry expert Kate Chambers, who emphasised the invaluable role of deep analytical insights in shaping the industry’s trajectory to inform future strategies. She highlighted the need to harness AI not only for regulatory compliance but also for unlocking new opportunities that align with ethical responsibilities.

“If you look at AI around regulation, we need to be looking at the future,” she said.

“We need to understand about how it affects the future, what we can do with it and how we can harness it in a way that allows us to still hit our regulatory responsibilities.”

The podcast discussion centred on the findings found in EvenBet’s latest E-Book – Core iGaming Trends and Challenges in 2023 – which is based on in-depth interviews with industry professionals.

The poker software provider plans to build upon the first-of-its-kind E-book this year with further research to be published later this year.

“We plan to get more respondents and deepen some of the insights we have already found,” said Starostenkov. “We want to understand better the marketing channels and social media’s role within the industry. Also, we plan to add HR related aspects, which is becoming more prominent.”

Chambers added: “This type of research regularly done is essential for our industry.”

Listen to the full episode here

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